Big Moutnain Ventures

My Story

I started my first subdivision in the mid 90's on a 12 acre parcel I purchased from my retiring neighbours, originally with the idea of extending my hayfield. It didn't take long to figure out that it would take 50 years to pay off farming. I then broke the 12 acres into 8 lots that I laid out myself and built my own road to highway specs. I then named the project after my family. The road being Palumbo Heights Drive and the subdivision just simply Palumbo Heights. I sold my first lot in late 1999 and by the end of 2000 all were sold and I gained some great neighbours.

My next project was Dickson Downes Road where I created 6 more lots and all sold off rather quickly.

Not that I was bored, but I then began a new project. This was Columbia Valley Land Developments and the beginning of Birchlands Road & Subdivision. By 2002 it was all in motion. Lots were selling and a few with houses. Another project looks great and completed. Next projects were Chalmers Road and McMurdo Road. By mid 2010 Chalmers Road was sold out and McMurdo completed. Left was a few finishing touches. Beautiful building sites constructed, gravelled driveways, fencing around the cul-de-sac and some fine manicuring. This created the best view lots and private community the valley has to offer. My next project is 3 lots adjacent Palumbo Heights Drive off of Mitchell Road. This is also a very exciting location, hopefully ready by the fall of 2011.